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Not sure where to start? You're in the right place.

Hey, we're Chris & Adrienne. That's us and our kids, right over there. Nice to meet you!

Adrienne and I were full-time wedding and portrait photographers before we stumbled into developing tools for photographers. The lessons we learned running a $100k+/year business are all here on this blog, waiting for you to learn. So scroll down, pick a topic or a content type and go nuts.

If you really just want me to tell you what to do first, then you should definitely start with our 30-Day Photo Business Challenge. It's one of our most-loved resources. And it's free. Woot.

- Chris

Start with the 30-Day Photo Business Challenge.

Just want me to tell you where to start? Cool. Start with the 30-Day Challenge. It's a skim across the top of every one of the topics we cover on the Salesographer blog and it'll give you a great idea of which topics you should dig in to next. Also, it's free.
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