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  • 8 Swipe Email Templates
  • Our Complete Folder Structure for Organizing Your Client Documents and Images
  • Price List PSDs and Pricing Magazine PSDs
  • Planning Meeting and Sales Meeting Cheat Sheets
  • 2 Sales Ebooks, 2 Product Buyer's Guides and a Wall Art Lookbook
  • 90+ Minutes of Bonus In-Person Sales Training Videos
  • Portrait Contract
  • Planning Meeting Notes Template
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One month from today you could be walking into your first In-Person Sales meeting feeling calm and confident. Better still, you could be walking out of that same meeting with the biggest check you've ever gotten for your photos and with a client who is thrilled to hand you that check.

Or, one month from today you could be exactly where you are right now, having not made a single change, still wondering how you're supposed to make this business of yours work and how you're going to stand out in a sea of shoot-and-burn photographers.

More than 1,000 photographers around the world have been exactly where you are right now. They chose to take action. 

Now, the choice is yours. Where will you be one month from today?

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The full course includes:


Welcome to Salesographer

Start right here. This includes everything you need to know about how to navigate the course and get the most out of Salesographer.
section one

Pricing for Profit

Learn how to never second-guess your pricing again, never base your prices off what your competitors are doing and never wonder how much you should charge. 
section two

Planting the Seed

Learn the step-by-step process for bringing in high-quality leads through your website, email correspondence and phone inquiries: leads who not only want what you’re offering, but will gladly pay your prices.

Effective Consultations

Everything you need to know about the planning meeting, so you can head into every session with confidence, knowing exactly what to shoot, which products you’re shooting for and when you’ve got every photo you need.

The Session

How to create excitement for your sales meetings throughout your sessions to get your clients to happily sell the products to themselves between the session and sales meeting.

The Sales Meeting

Discover how profitable and fulfilling a sales session can be when you work to truly serve your clients by helping them through the process of choosing their photos.

After the Sale

The ins-and-outs of delivering your products, covering your legal bases and following up with your clients after the sale.
SECTION wrap up

Course Wrap Up

Anything that needs clarification through the entire course so you can finish off the course confident that you know exactly what to do next.

You'll also get these bonus resources:

Spreadsheets & Calculators

  • Product Pricing Calculator
  • Session Averages Tracking Spreadsheet

Swipe Emails & Folders

  • 8 Swipe Emails
  • Swipe Folder Structure

Price List PSDs

  • General Price List PSD files
  • Senior Pricing Magazine PSD files

Cheat Sheets

  • Planning Meeting Cheat Sheet
  • Sales Meeting Cheat Sheet

Guides & Ebooks

  • 7 Deadly Sales Sins Ebook
  • Wall Art Sales Blueprint Ebook
  • Suggested Products Guide
  • Wall Art Lookbook
  • Photo Sales Buyer's Guide

IPS 101 Training Videos

  • In-Person Sales for the Non-Salesy
  • Making the Switch to In-Person Sales
  • Top 10 In-Person Sales Rookie Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Forms & Contracts

  • Portrait Contract
  • Planning Meeting Notes Template
  • General Order Form
  • Portrait Order Form
  • Wedding Order Form

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