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video interview:

Social Media Engagement Strategies with Cyrissa Carlson

Learn Cyrissa's top 5 tips for increasing your engagement on social media.
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Cyrissa Carlson
Founder, Sparkle Society & Immerse Workshops
Cyrissa is an Ohio-based photographer who is known for her contagious energy and social media savviness.
Social Media Engagement Strategies with Cyrissa Carlson

Social media maven and founder of Immerse Workshops, Cyrissa Carlson, joins us to discuss her top 5 tips for increasing your social media engagement.

Cyrissa's Top Tips Are:

  1. Know Your Client - Where does your client spend their time online? Which social media platform is the best fit for them?
  2. Listen to Your Client - Analyze your existing social media posts to see which types of posts get the best engagement from your audience.
  3. Have a Killer Bio - This is your online resumé for your clients. Use it to stand out and to show who you really are.
  4. No Voyeurism - Don't let your followers just follow. Invite them into a conversation through interaction and calls to action.
  5. Be Nice - Social media isn't the place to lay down the rules. Interact with people in a way that will encourage them to share your posts and their friends to follow you, as well.

This is just a tiny sliver of the knowledge she shares in this interview, so be sure to watch the video or download the MP3 to take with you!

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