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video interview:

Quick Tips for Successful Mini Sessions with Sarah Petty

Learn how to use your mini sessions to grow your business and your brand.
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Sarah Petty
Founder, Joy of Marketing
Sarah is the founder of The Joy of Marketing and the New York Times Bestselling author of Worth Every Penny. She spends her days teaching small business owners how to build businesses that thrill their customers while still charging what they're worth.
Quick Tips for Successful Mini Sessions with Sarah Petty

Best-selling author, Founder of Joy of Marketing and all-around awesome human being, Sarah Petty, is here to teach you how to make the most of your mini sessions.

You'll learn:

  1. How your mini sessions should differ from your regular session offerings (and why this is vital to the success of your mini sessions!)
  2. How and why you should be partnering with other local businesses for successful mini sessions.
  3. Why your mini sessions should only be offered a couple of times a year (and how this helps you increase your number of bookings)

If you want to learn even more about how to succeed with mini sessions, be sure to check out Sarah's free webinar on Friday, Sept 23rd!

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