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let's do this, yearly goals!

One-Year Goal Tracker

Tell me your goal, then we'll break it down and I'll shoot you reminders and encouragement!
Hey there! My first name is
and my friends send me email to
One year from today, I am going to
And to make sure I'm on track to hit my goal, 3 months from today I will
And in 6 months, I will
9 months from today, I will
But since I know that goals without actionable plans are just dreams, this month I will
And 2 months from now, I'll try
3 months from now, I'm going to
4 months from now? That's the month I will
People are going to flip out 5 months from now when they see me
And I'll kill it 6 months from today by trying out
In 7 months, I'm going to throw caution to the wind and
People won't even know what hit them in 8 months when I
9 months from today I'll be so close to my goal, I'll be able to taste it. But still, I'm going to
Just when others are giving up, in 10 months I'll
11 months from today, I'm going to sprint to my goal with this one, last awesome tactic:
And 1 year from today, when I hit my goal, I'm going to treat myself to
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