Wall Gallery Design 101

Everything you need to know to create wall art galleries your clients will love (and buy).
Put yourself in your clients’ shoes for just a moment. You just got a disc of images from your photographer and now you’d like to create a canvas gallery. So you jump on Pinterest and find some layouts you like, then go to town with some craft paper, scissors, rulers, tape and pencils.

Two hours and 4 paper cuts later, you’ve got some shapes on your wall that you’re pretty happy with, but you still don’t really know what photos should go on that wall, or if those photos will look good together, or if they’ll look good in that room and on top of that you’re not really sure if the layout is the best one for the space.  But you just spent two hours getting your kindergarden-craft on, so it’s just going to have to be good enough.  Right?  Nope.

Step away from the scissors. There’s a better way.

While we’re going to talk a lot about canvas galleries, much of this information can be applied to any kind of wall art. You’ll learn how to choose the best space for wall galleries for your clients, the best images, what things to think about when pairing images, how to coordinate your images with their existing artwork and furniture and, best of all, how to make this entire process more simple than it’s ever been before.  Ready?

Let’s do this.

Ready to dive in? go to the first chapter:
Choosing a Space