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Remember all the way back at the beginning of this web book when we encouraged you to calmly step away from the scissors because there was a better way to design wall art galleries? Well, here it is.

‍Don't just offer wall art. Sell wall art.

Let's put wall art on more than just your price list. Let's put it on your clients' walls.

Swift Galleries is so much more than just a wall art design tool, it's an online and in-person sales tool, guiding you step-by-step through selling your work as wall art.

Check out the video below to see it in action, then sign up for a 14-day free trial right here (no credit card needed).

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Is Swift Galleries right for you?

Here are a few photographers just like you who use (and love) Swift Galleries:

"My first sale to a client using Swift Galleries was $1500 - in my area, that's a nice sale, and Swift Galleries made it so easy for my client and me to visualize what their canvas ensemble would look like... in their own home! Clients are always impressed when I tell them about it, and even more impressed when they actually see it. Thank you, Swift Galleries, for an amazing product with a nice price!"


"I'm finally feeling confident about selling wall art to clients because I can actually show them how awesome it will look on their walls! I'm feeling so confident in fact that I'm redesigning my website to market myself as a wall gallery photographer...and I have Swift Galleries to thank for this!"


"What I love about the program is that I can now encourage my clients to buy large prints for their homes and serve them by showing exactly what it will look like before they even purchase anything."



I sell my work in-person, is Swift Galleries going to work for me?

Oh yeah. Swift Galleries has an In-Person Sales mode that you're going to absolutely love! You can show a slideshow of your final images, cull the yes's from the no's, show predesigned galleries (or design them on the fly with your client), then take the order right through Swift Galleries (100% commission-free if you use our payment processing, or you can just use your own). You can even add non wall-art products as line items during checkout, so you can handle your entire in-person sale right there in Swift Galleries.

I sell my work online through something like ShootProof or Pixieset, will Swift Galleries work for me?

Yep! Swift Galleries was actually built from day one, for you. We've made it incredibly simple for you to design suggested wall art galleries and send them to your clients online to make their purchase. You'll have the benefit of your clients being able to see their photos in the context of their own home, with the convenience of doing everything online.

Can I upload my client's room photos into Swift Galleries?

Yes, please! Not only can you do it, but your client can also upload and calibrate their own room photos, if they want to. The days of "show it to sell it" are fading away and being replaced by "show it (in context) to sell it". With just a few clicks, you'll be showing your clients exactly what their photos will look like in their own home, at exactly the right size.

What if I don't have a photo of my client's wall? Can I still use Swift Galleries?

Absolutely, we've got you covered! Swift Galleries comes with a set of beautiful stock room photos, calibrated and ready for you to use when you don't have access to a clients' room photo.

What kinds of products can I sell with Swift Galleries?

For wall art, you can sell pretty much whatever you want. It's incredibly easy to create your own custom product type and start creating wall galleries with that product in just minutes.

Do I have to use a certain lab to use Swift Galleries?

Nope. We've built Swift Galleries to fit into your existing workflow and business. We don't want you changing how you do things just to be able to use Swift Galleries! So keep using the labs you love, we'll give you your ordered photos, cropped and ready for you to place with your lab.

What's the deal with the free trial?

Our free trial is one of those non-sneaky free trials. We won't ask for your credit card number and we won't auto-enroll you in a subscription you didn't mean to sign up for. You have 2 weeks to try it out, see if you love it, then sign up. No tricks, just a product we firmly believe you'll love and happily pay for.

So how much will it cost me after the free trial?

Great question. We want Swift Galleries to be a solution that any photographer, at any level, can afford to use to create and sell wall art. So, Swift Galleries is an insanely-affordable $15/month or $150/year. To put that in perspective, many of our photographers make enough in one sale to pay for years upon years of their Swift Galleries subscription.

So what's the catch?

No catch. No hidden fees. No commissions on your sales. Nothing like that. In fact, once you sign up for a subscription, you'll keep that price for as long as you keep your account open and in good-standing. So even as we raise the price over the coming months and years, you'll continue paying the same monthly or yearly price you paid right from the start.

Where can I learn more?

Easy. Head over to to check it all out. When you're ready, sign up for your 100% free 14-day trial right here.

Let's let Amanda wrap this up, shall we?