Setting Product Expectations

Everywhere your potential clients see your work, they need to see wall art.
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Anywhere someone sees your work, you want them to also see the product you expect them to walk away from your session with.

If this is wall art, they should see wall art galleries all over the place. Albums? Album designs and photos of physical albums.

Set Product Expectations on your Website

Create a portfolio page (you know, like your weddings, seniors, families, etc) just for the product you want to be known for. I highly suggest picking one type of product and focusing in on only that product. 

So, if you’re going with wall art, you should have a portfolio page of only wall art mockups and photos of actual pieces you’ve delivered. 

Haven’t sold any wall art yet? No worries, go sign up for a free trial of Swift Galleries, design a few mockups, export those to your computer and put them up on your website. Better yet, use some of your most recent (or favorite) clients’ photos for those mockups and share them through Swift Galleries to make some great wall art sales while still in your free trial!

Set Product Expectations on your Blog

Go back to your 3-5 most recent blog posts and add a wall gallery mockup (or an album design spread, if your product is albums).  Talk about why that gallery is the perfect representation of your work, in physical form. 

This is your chance to really dig into the “why” of the products you offer, to start showing off your expertise and to make it clear that you have a reason for offering the types of products you offer. 

Do this for every single session you blog from this point, forward.

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Set Product Expectations on Social Media

If your blog is the place where you get to tell potential clients why you believe in the products you offer, then social media is the place where you get to have a two way conversation about those products. 

For every session you shoot, post a gallery to social media.  Better yet, post two and ask you readers to “help you decide which one is best”.  

Run a “help me decide what our next sample gallery should be” contest at the end of your busy season and have people vote.  Give the client in the winning gallery something for having theirs chosen as the winner (this gets your clients to tell their friends to go vote on their favorite sample gallery).

Set Product Expectations in your Teasers

The In-Person Sales community is not big on posting teasers. The issue is that you may hijack that excitement your clients have when seeing their photos for the first time. There’s a lot of validity to that concern. However, I think you can use your teasers as a way to continue to reinforce your expectation for a wall art sale. 

Instead of posting a slew of photos for your teaser, post one wall gallery mockup. Now you’re giving them a chance to see a photo or two or three, but they’re seeing it in the context of the product you expect them to purchase. They’re seeing the end result. 

I believe the benefits of reinforcing this expectation outweigh the drawbacks associated with posting teasers.

Again, the main point here is, everywhere someone sees your work, they should see your end product.  This is how you become known for providing those products you want to be known for.  You become the photographer to go to in your market for that product.  “Oh, you want canvas galleries?  You should go to Chris & Adrienne Scott, I always see them posting those!  Go check them out over on their website!”

Set Product Expectations in your Communications

You can plant the seed for wall art sales in how you talk to your clients about their sessions, as well. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Don’t just ask “what do you want to do with your photos?” Instead, ask “where in your home would you like to display your photos?” This lets your client know that people come to you for wall art and you just assume they're doing the same.
  • If you use Swift Galleries, or something like it, ask up-front for a photo of your clients’ walls to use for their mockups. Again, this shows that you’re assuming they’ll do what everyone else does - order wall art. 
  • Even while photographing your clients’ sessions, you can be planting the seeds for a wall art sale, just in how you talk to your clients. As you’re shooting, mention the products they’ve shown interest in – “Oh, this shot is going to be perfect for that piece we talked about for over your couch!” 

The point here is for your clients and potential clients to see wall art wherever they see your work. It will quickly teach them that your studio is the studio to go to for wall art and you'll be surprised how quickly people will start to seek you out for it.