Setting Process Expectations

What are your policies and procedures? Better set those in advance!
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Setting Product Expectations
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The absolute best way to handle objections and confusion during your sales meeting (things like, “I can’t make this decision right now, not without my spouse here” or “can you just put my photos online so I can think about it and order stuff later?”) is by letting clients know your process right from the start, then reinforcing that, over and over.

You can do this on your website with a quick note (emphasis on “quick”… people are busy, they won’t read a novel) about how you walk your clients through the product picking process to help them come up with the absolute best products for their session. 

Mention, again in a quick blurb, about how you’ll have a pre-session planning meeting to help them decide what to get and what products will be best for them.

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When you meet with the client, start talking about some of your other process points, things like, “At the sales meeting, we’ll make all your product choices and I’ll get those ordered that week, so be sure that any decision makers are present.”

Set these expectations up-front and they won’t come back to bite you during your sales meeting.