Setting Price Expectations

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Setting Expectations
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One of the worst things that can happen at a sales meeting is for your client to be blindsided by the prices they’re expected to pay. Thankfully, price is a really easy expectation to set.

So let’s do that right now…

Set Pricing Expectations on your Pricing Page

If you don’t already have one, go right now and add a “Pricing” page to your website. Don’t hide it somewhere on About Me and don’t do the “contact me for my price list”. Let them know what to expect.

But wait! - Don’t put your entire price menu out there. That will only lead to clients comparing you to other photographers on price, which is not the main thing they should be looking at when trying to choose a photographer. Instead, just give them something to hold on to. 

Go with “Sessions are $xxx and custom wall galleries start at $xxxx” or “Our typical portrait client spends around $xxxx on their photo products, some more, some less.”

We don’t need to show them everything, just let them know a rough estimate of what they should expect to spend.

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And One More Place…

So you’ve added a general price range to your pricing page and you didn’t bury it somewhere in the depths of your website. Good for you. Let’s add that price to one more place, as well. 

Head over to your Contact page and add the same little snippet over there, “Sessions are $xxx and custom wall art galleries start at $xxxx.” 

Now, when someone contacts you, even if they skipped your pricing page, you know they had at least one opportunity to see your general prices.