Gallery Ideas for Every Room in the House

Steal these ideas outright, or use them as a jumping-off point for creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind wall art galleries for your clients' homes.
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Choosing the Gallery Layout
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You know how to choose the best locations, images and gallery layouts for your clients' wall art galleries. Now let's leave you with a few ideas to jump-start your creativity.


The Tried and True

Formal living room with a traditional feel? You can’t go wrong with one large family portrait over the couch or fireplace. If one photo doesn’t quite fit the bill, try a large family portrait flanked by a portrait of mom and dad on one side and a photo of the kids on the other. We talked about this a bit more when discussing choosing images and layouts, but collections that show off different groups of family members can be a fun way to feature all of the unique personalities in your client’s family!

Tell Your Family’s Story

Don’t worry about filling a space all at once, instead add a new piece to an ever-growing, always-evolving gallery as your clients’ family reaches new milestones. This is a great way to bring their life into their home and to create something that will be handed down and cherished for generations.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Feeling bold and want to try something new? turns a corner in a room and invites viewers further into the home as they experience your one-of-a-kind gallery!


The Long and Short of It

Hallways are a great place to create a long gallery of smaller images. You can tell a story with these types of galleries, by starting at one point in time and moving chronologically down the hallway. Or mix it up and just give them a fun collection of images to enjoy as they walk from room to room. The important thing to remember here is to keep these images smaller, so that they can enjoy them from the up close and personal hallway.

Kid Clusters

Forego the long line of photos and opt instead for multiple small clusters of photos throughout a hallway. These work well if you give each kid or family member their own wall art cluster, like their own little star on their home’s very own Walk of Fame.

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The Art of Cooking

Kitchens are a fun place to mix things up with other types of images. Create small groupings of wall art featuring up-close black and white photos of various kitchen utensils or colorful fruits and vegetables.

The Family that Plays Together

Kitchens and Dining Rooms are also a great place to show off candid, fun photos of each family member. Shoot a series of close- up goofy photos of each member of the family and display them proudly above the dining room table. Pair this with some word art or fun quotes about family and you’ve created a space worthy of gathering around and talking about the day!


Family Gallery

Fill the space above a headboard with a gallery of family photos. Don’t be afraid to go big here, as there is typically plenty of wall space over a queen or king size bed.

Wedding Story

Tell the story of your client’s big day in a simple 3-image collection of the first look, first kiss and first dance.

Film Strip Fun

Create a fun film-strip across multiple photos of your client’s kid playing with blocks that spell out their name.

Ten Little Monkeys

Embrace your inner child with a cluster of photos of the kids (or the entire family) jumping on the bed, displayed over a kids bed or in the master bedroom!

My Family and Me

Create a two-image wall art gallery that includes a family portrait and a portrait of your client’s kid to go over their bed.