Choosing the Photos

Your photos are the heart and soul of your clients' wall art galleries, let's make sure we choose the best ones.
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Choosing a Space
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You've chosen the perfect space for your client's wall art gallery, now what? Let's talk about the factors that go into choosing the perfect photos.

Practical Considerations

Pay Attention to Resolution

When choosing photos to be printed large for wall art, you’ll want to be sure to use the largest files possible. Most modern DSLR should be able to create an image that will print well on larger photography products. Thankfully, you can get away with a few more imperfections with wall art, since the viewing distance is greater for a large image, and you won’t be right on top of it when looking at it.

Mix it Up

When creating a wall art gallery of family photos, choose a full-family photo, as well as combinations of groups and individuals. So you might do a large full family image, surrounded by a photo of just the kids, each parent with the kids and each kid individually.

Mixing Color and Black and White Photos

Mixing color and black and white photos in the same wall gallery can be an easy way to create a dynamic, eclectic wall art collection, so don’t be afraid to give it a shot. We’ll talk a bit more about how to pull this off when we discuss choosing layouts in the next section.

Be Careful When Cropping

Before you crop your photo, be sure it’s exactly what you want, since you’ll degrade the quality of the final print (because the resolution will be lower than a full-size image). Also, if you plan to print your photos on gallery wrapped canvases, where the photo wraps around the edges of your canvas, you’ll want to leave a little space to be sure nothing important is going to wrap to the side.

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Aesthetic Considerations

Tell a Story

Think of your wall art galleries as pages in a photo album. Try to tell the story of that day, moment or event through the images you choose for your galleries. If it’s a wedding, include portraits of the bride and groom as well as photos of the little details that made that day so special. If it’s a gallery of a client’s kid’s first day of school, tell the story by including photos of his clothes laid out before he woke up, him brushing his teeth and pouring his milk before jumping on the school bus for the first time.

Choose a Consistent Mood

Try to keep the mood of the photos consistent within your wall art galleries. If the main image your client loves is playful and candid, stick with playful, candid photos for the entire collection of photos instead of mixing in more formal photos as well.


Set the Scene

Don’t be afraid of negative space in your wall art galleries. By using a lot of negative space, you’re helping to tell the story of the moment because you end up showing so much of the surroundings. Since wall art gallery photos are typically printed large, fun compositions with a lot of negative space tend to work really well!

The Same Rules Apply

You know all those rules you try to follow when creating your images? Things like the rule of thirds, leading lines and such? Yep, those all apply here. Yes, sometimes these rules are made to be broken, but for the most part following good photography compositional rules will make for a much more interesting and aesthetically pleasing wall art gallery.