Choosing the Gallery Layout

What size products should I have in my wall art galleries? Should I have drastically different compositions within one gallery? Let's find out!
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Now that you’ve selected a space and images for your client’s new wall art gallery, choosing a layout is simple!

Featured and Supporting Images

The first thing to consider is whether or not there is one image that you’d like to feature among the rest. If your clients do have a favorite photo out of the bunch, make that your largest piece and place it at eye-level. Build the rest of the gallery around this featured image, with smaller supporting products.

We maintained balance in this gallery by separating similar poses, locations, groupings of people and similar colors across the entire layout.

Balancing Photo Sizes

While it’s totally fine to create asymmetrical gallery layouts, it’s still important to keep a balance in your designs. Consider your featured image to be the center of the see-saw of your gallery, keeping as much “weight” on one side as the other. Did you add two small products to the left side? Great, add one large product to the right, and you’ll be good to go.

Balancing Color

As you start adding photos to your layout, be careful to keep similar colors separate from each other. If mixing black and white with color images, try to alternate them throughout your gallery so you don’t end up with one side more heavy with black and white or color than the other.

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Balancing Content and Composition

Along the same lines as the previous two points, try to maintain balance in the compositional style and content of the photos in your gallery. If you have a few images with a lot of negative space, spread those out across the gallery instead of placing them near each other. If your chosen photos have multiple locations or similar poses, spread those across the gallery as well.

When in Doubt, Triptych or Grid

If you’re just looking to create a balanced, clean gallery layout, you can never go wrong with a triptych, which is just a fancy term for “group of three photos”. Triptychs are tried and true and they’re about as visually appealing as any layout can get. Not feeling a triptych? Try a grid, instead. Both layouts epitomize balance and can be easy to fit into just about any space.