Choosing a Space

Let’s dive right in with all of the tips, tricks, best practices and rules of thumb for choosing the best space for your wall art collection, starting with choosing the perfect space for your client's gallery.
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Choosing the Photos
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So you want to create a custom wall art gallery for your client, but you're not sure where to start, right? Easy. Start here. Let's take a look at how the space in which you want to display that wall art will help us decide what the wall art should look like.

Let the room set the tone

What is the mood of the space?

Does your client have a formal living room with big, ornate leather furniture, muted wall and accessory colors and many leather-bound books?  You’ll probably want to go with images where everyone is looking at the camera and layouts that are symmetrical. 

Funky colors and playful accessories throughout the room?  Spontaneous, candid photos and asymmetric gallery layouts will be right at home in this space!

How will their photos interact with existing furniture or artwork?

Be sure to consider how your client’s new wall art will work alongside the furniture they already have in their space.  Balance the size and design of the galleries to complement the furniture or any architectural features in the space.  As a rule of thumb, always try to hang artwork at, or as close to, eye-level as possible.

How will their artwork interact with the existing colors in their room?

Try contrasting bold wall colors with muted or black and white photos to make them stand out.  Muted wall colors in a playful room just beg for bold splashes of color, images with interesting compositions and layouts that show off different subject sizes.  Don’t be afraid to “break the grid” and work with asymmetric and funky layouts!

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Let the space set the size

How much wall space does your client have?

Don’t try to sell the biggest piece for your client’s space, sell the right piece for their space.  Sometimes this will mean filling a space from side to side, and top to bottom.  Sometimes a collection of smaller images is perfect.  If they’ve got a large, white, blank, boring wall to fill, go nuts and fill it with a mix of large and small images.  Symmetrical layouts that fill a space are an easy way to make a bold statement on an otherwise boring wall.  If you’ve got only a small amount of space to work with, or other busy elements nearby, something smaller and understated will be the way to go. 

Don’t SELL the biggest piece for the space, SELL the right piece for the space.

How far away will your clients be when looking at their artwork? 

If your clients have a large room and you’re trying to fill a space on the far wall, large pieces will work well there.  In a smaller room, say a bathroom or hallway, where you’ll be much closer to the piece when viewing it, you’ll want to go with much smaller images.  Think of it as sitting too close to the IMAX screen in the theater, you don’t want to have to physically move your head in order to see the entire image.