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Getting Clients

Marketing, advertising, customer acquisition and converting leads to clients... if it's about getting people to hire you, it's here.
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Getting Clients
Blog Posts
Getting Clients
Photo Business Challenges
Getting Clients


Our flagship course for teaching pro photographers how to price, present and sell their work, in-person.
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Personal Coaching

Twice-monthly coaching calls with Chris & Adrienne Scott. Together, we'll develop and execute a custom plan, just for you.
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Year of the Hustle

One business-building task emailed to you every week for 52 weeks.
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From Passion to Profit

A step-by-step guide for turning your passion for photography into a business you can be proud of.
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All-Access Pass

Courses, tools, challenges, resources, 1-on-1 coaching... it's all yours, before anyone else gets their hands on it.
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Get a free photo blog, set up and ready for you to start building your business through blogging! Yes, it's free. No, we're not kidding.