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Video Transcript:

Hey, it's Chris from Salesographer and this week, I want to talk about one of the biggest, most pervasive objections we get from photographers to in-person sales. We've talked to, as you can probably imagine, a lot of photographers about in-person sales and we talk to them about why they do it, why they don't do it, what they've seen change in their business since they've implemented it... all of this kind of stuff.

When we talk to photographers who don't do in-person sales, one of the most common objections we get is, "My clients won't like it," or kind of related to that, "My clients don't have time for that." This is actually one of my favorite objections because I think that once you've framed this in a different way, it really turns some of these objections into benefits for your clients.

The main thing, I think, that you need to realize is that in-person sales is actually better for your client.

Is it better for you? Absolutely. Are you going to make more money? Yeah. It's actually also better for your client. With those clients, we especially get this with photographers who serve higher-end clients, they say, "My clients don't have the time to meet me for a planning meeting and then the session and then the sales meeting because they're big and important," or something like that. This is great because this process is actually better for someone like that. You can say, "You're going to come away from your session with actual things, not just files, not just something to put on Facebook. The stuff that you hired me to make for you. I'm going to walk you, kind of hand hold you, through the entire process of choosing so that you don't need to think about anything. You don't need to do anything.

This actually will take far less time than if I just said, 'Here's your stuff.'"

Let's be honest, when you just share a thumb drive or share images online, it's not that it takes a long time for them to get products, it's really that they never end up getting products.

That's really not what people are hiring us for. They hire us so they can have something to hand down. They can have something to enjoy daily, not something to just put on Facebook and then it's gone the next day.

For those people who think that I'm full of it when I say that, they think, "Oh, well that's not what my clients want anymore. My clients just want the disc." I believe that the reason for that is because every photographer that they've hired before you has now trained them to believe that's what they want. They just need you to kind of break that cycle and say,

"That's not good enough. We need to do more for you."

Call them out. "What have you done with those images?"

"I haven't done anything with them."

"Okay. Let's do something else. Let's do something better. Let's do something different this time."

You turn this process into a kind of one of the cornerstones of your business. Any photographer down the street can copy the gear that you use, the lighting set up that you use, even the sales process that you use. They can copy your processing, they can copy your website design, they can copy so many things.

They can't copy the service that you provide to your customers. That's really what this is about. In-person sales, like I said, is great for you, but it's a fantastic service for your clients. If you turn that into a cornerstone in your business and say, "Of course you're going to get great images from me. That's a given. Of course you're going to get great images from me. You're going to love your images.

But the reason people come to me is because of this service that I provide because I walk them through step-by-step the process of choosing their images, choosing what products to put those images on, where they're going to go in their home, all of these things. I do it in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming to you. It just feels like a conversation."

When you can frame something that way, it changes the conversation. It changes the conversation of, "I don't have time for that," to, "Great. You're busy. That's great. This is actually better for you because you're not going to just sit forever and not get anything or you're not going to have to sit and try to figure this out on your own months down the road. We're going to get it knocked out right now. In fact, all of your purchasing decisions are made during that one hour sales meeting that's going to happen two weeks after your session. Then I'll actually even deliver the products and I'll install them for you, install wall art for you, all that kind of stuff. This is totally hands off for you. All you have to do is show up at the planning meeting, answer some questions that I ask you. I'm going to make suggestions because I'm the pro, this is what I do, I'm going to make suggestions based on the answers to your questions. Then show up, smile at the session, and then the sales meeting is where I show you the stuff that you said that you wanted. I help you make those decisions. I help you decide which images go in there and then you're done. Your stuff comes in, I deliver it, I install it, and everybody's happy."

This is particularly great for those clients who are higher-end, these kind of rich clients or whatever, because this is the kind of service they expect, especially people who are business owners, who are CEOs, who are whatever, they're very busy people. When they hire someone ...

This is maybe a terrible example. I don't hire a plumber and then stand over their shoulder and say, "No. Do it this way," or, "I really think you should be using this instead." I hired a professional because I know that they know what they're doing and I trust their opinion and I let them do their thing. Especially with high-end clients, that's the kind of service that they expect. When they say, "I'm going to hire somebody to take my photos, I'm going to hire someone to produce images for me of my family or for whatever reason," they're hiring a professional and you can step into that role and say, "Okay. You've hired me. I'm going to take care of all of it." That's the kind of professional that a higher-end client needs. Someone they can trust, someone they can say, "I don't do this for a living. I thought this is what you do so you tell me what I want. You tell me what I should be getting. You tell me what I should do with these images."

That's exactly what you're going to do. You're going to go and you're going to ask them questions about their style, about their space, about all of these kind of relevant things, really a lot of it revolving around the space where this stuff is going to live. Then you're going to make suggestions. "Okay. Based on what you've told me about the room, where you want this wall art, I think that we should go with something framed and matted and it should be camera aware. I think that you should be wearing these clothes based on the colors in the room that you talked about. Blah, blah, blah." You go through and you just lay it all out for them. There's no decisions for them to have to make. You're taking all of that off of them.

I think this objection of, "My clients won't like it. My clients don't have time for it." When you frame it in this way and say, "Actually, you're going to love it like all of my other clients do, you just don't realize it because nobody's done that for you before. You're going to love it. It's going to be much easier for you and it's actually going to take less time. It feels like more time because you're committing to coming and making decisions during a certain block of time. That's actually why it's going to take you less time. You are kind of setting aside the rest of the world for an hour and committing to making those decisions right then and there. It actually ends up being much faster."

That's kind of what turned out to a be little bit of a rant on this objection. I think the last thing, it's a little bit snarky, that I want to say about this. These people who have clients who say, "My last photographer didn't make me do that. My last photographer just took our pictures and put them on a disc and gave them to us. We didn't have to do all of this other stuff." To that, I say a couple of things. Number one, what did you do with those images? The vast majority of clients are going to say, "I have not done anything with them." Okay. Great. Number two, I would not actually say this to your client but if you can find a tactful way of saying this, let me know. I would like to suggest it. "My last photographer didn't make me do that." "Okay. There's a reason that you're talking to me right now and not your last photographer. Let's do something different. Let's do something better for you.

I can do better than that."

I hope that helps with that objection. I hope that makes sense to you. If you have any questions, put them down in the comments and if you have a question that you want me to answer in another one of these, then definitely put that down in the comments as well and I'll pick some and answer them weekly. Again, I hope that helped. Get out there, kind of reframe that question. Reframe that objection into actually that thing that you think is bad is actually why it's good. It's actually the reason that you're going to love it. Yeah. Have any questions, let me know. Thanks a lot. See you next week.

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Grab a free mp3 of this video
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