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Laura James is my hero.  She’s one of the Case Studies on Preveal’s website and her story is amazing to me…

“In person sales were terrifying, so I used an online purchasing gallery. I was lucky if I was to make $100 a sale… in fact that was the best I could seem to do. I sold mostly smaller prints, nothing larger than the occasional 11×14. Since that first Preveal sales appointment, I average about $1200 per sale. I mainly sell 24x30s or 16x20s, and almost always in a gallery layout. While I still sell 8x10s, they’re always an afterthought purchase!”

What’s not mentioned in this testimonial is the fact that that “first Preveal sales appointment” was actually her first ever in-person sale.

And she did it at a coffee shop.

In 45 minutes.

Without any samples.

And she made $1200.

So there you have it.  $100 averages?  Just add Preveal!  Right?

Not quite.  Let’s dig just a touch deeper.

Preveal wasn’t what brought her sales up from $100 to $1200.  Did it help? Absolutely.  But it helped because it was the catalyst for her to start providing a better client experience, to start serving her clients in a way that she wasn’t doing before Preveal.

It was the push she needed to start proactively serving her clients instead of passively brushing them off with online galleries, discs of image files and lackluster service (PS – “here are your image files, good luck trying to figure out what to do with them” isn’t service).

Yes, Preveal, Swift Galleries, and Salesographer will provide the knowledge and the tools for running amazingly profitable sales sessions.  But more importantly, they provide the swift kick in the ass you need to start helping your clients figure out what to do with their images.  They give you a reason to inject your knowledge, experience, personality, artistic vision and expertise into a process that desperately needs it.

Do you think Laura’s clients changed just because she bought an iPad app?  That her images magically became $1100 better because she was the proud new owner of Preveal?  That her local market suddenly shifted the day she visited the App Store?  I’d love to take credit for that, but it’s just not the case.

Laura’s business changed because Preveal gave her a reason to start actively discussing wall art with her clients and engaging with them to find the best pieces for their homes.  Salesographer gives photographers the excuse (and the knowledge) to hand-hold their clients through the entire sales process, working together to arrive at the best products for each client from the art that they create.

Preveal, Swift Galleries, and Salesographer are game-changers because they change the way you play the game.

So, by all means, go pick up a copy of Preveal for your iPad or sign up for Swift Galleries and be ready to enroll in Salesographer and watch what they do to your process, your customer experience and your bottom line.

But not because they’re amazing.

Because you are, and you just needed permission to show your clients.

Want all of the Salesographer Pricing for Profit video lessons, absolutely free?
Click here to download it now.
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