Meet the Salesographer Team


Spencer Boerup


Spencer was the man behind Salesographer until he decided to make the sexiest speedlight modifiers you’ve ever seen, MagMod, and they caught on like wildfire.  Although he’s no longer a part of Salesographer, you can still find him lending his extensive knowledge in the private Facebook group.


Chris Scott


Chris was a full-time wedding and portrait photographer before founding Preveal, an iPad-based sales tool for professional photographers, and acquiring Salesographer from Spencer.  Now he’s a part-time portrait photographer and a full-time dreamer of new ideas.


Adrienne Scott


Adrienne was a full-time wedding and portrait photographer and the main salesperson for three successful photography studios before co-founding Preveal.  She heads up customer support for Preveal and Salesographer and is the person you’ll talk to when you need a helping hand.